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The New York Times (NYT; sometimes also known as The Times) is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. Nicknamed the Gray Lady, the Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record". The paper's motto, "All the News That's Fit to Print", appears in the upper left-hand corner of the front page. Founded in 1851, the paper has won 130 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper; as well as being ranked 18th in the world by circulation and 3rd in the U.S.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "The New York Times is just a terrible experience, the industry feels stuck in the past. If you decide to cancel, good luck, they will try every little move a terrible company makes when trying to convince you from canceling. This includes long wait times just for an agent to "transfer you to the correct department" multiple times, I spent 2 hours where three agents picked up and just transferred me around. The chat was unresponsive the entire time".


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Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Product Managers are cocky as hell and strive to take credit for all the good the engineer staff does. The reality is the Product team makes life a living hell for engineers at times. The NYTimes thinks they are a legitimate tech organization but have no clue how to be a tech org. They offer no competitive benefits or salaries and force engineering to work in the confounds of the legal team who decide most everything that can be done. Innovation is stifled and great ideas are held back. Additionally, because of the organization structure there is a strong propensity toward allowing horrible employees to stick around indefinitely. In particular if they are female or minority. While I myself enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about my job being at risk this makes life much more difficult as those who continuously screw up are given a free pass. Additionally, the NYTimes provides absolutely no career track for engineers other than management."

QA Manager says

"Job mobility is the biggest problem."

Web Developer says

"The processes/systems are archaic and leave room for human error. Management doesn't help you to achieve your goals as much as they claim. There is a lot of double talk and confusing sets of information. You will get a lot of I don't knows from people in power and you are expected to do everything on your own without adequate tools and systems in place. The internal documentation is weak. The project management team doesn't have a consensus on how they are supposed to do their jobs. There aren't any formal definitions for what each role is responsible for on projects."


"the way this company shoots out products feels like a noobie pool player playing pool with a table as big as texas"

Current Employee - Data Engineer says

"Doesn't give importance to skills. Attitude alone is the key."


"Speed and agility issue. No synergy between teams."

Manager says

"no consistency in management from dept to dept, no raises for the past two years and no idea if any are coming and mgmt does not see this as a negative. Too much emphasis on performance reviews which mean nothing since there wont be any raises"


"smelly co-workers, sweaty cafeteria personnel, bad interior decorating"

QA Manager (Current Employee) says

"- Meetings all day long. - leaned java/ python / selenium - Resource management. - Challenges on how to make your team the best productive."

Customer Service Representative/Retention (Current Employee) says

"Day to day would answer phone calls and assist customers in cancelling subscriptions or with issues that arose on their accounts. Frequently billing concerns."

Carl Millsap says

"Terrible experience because they are so obviously left leaning. News should be neutral. When I watch the news if I do, I shouldn't be able to tell the newscaster is left leaning even if I know they are. They should share the facts, not their opinions. News has become a sham in this country. Get a life NY Times. Get down to actually sharing the facts. But I'm okay not watching or reading the news if you're not going to do it right. You make me sick!"

keson c says

"as fake as fox news. end of comment. will never subscribe again. and very deceptive when I tried to cancel. a****hole."

First Last says

"Communist propaganda, biased fake news, marxist trash."

Wendy Carpenter says

"I am so disappointed in the New York Times subscription service at this time of COVID-19. I had a subscription which I canceled due to closing my bank account. I was assured, in writing, that my account would be good until the end of the month. They lied. NYT closed my account and are refusing to deliver the paper, saying they will issue a refund (to a closed account)!! It takes 2 weeks. HA HA!! How long did it take them to take my money out of my account? 2 minutes."

Grace Weiner says

"Suggestion .. 72 million more people would read your paper if you were fair and balanced . Trump contesting the election with baseless allegations ? Sure , what did you think he was going to do ? He lived through four years of his presidency with baseless , bogus , failed claims of Russian interference and a fraud election all initiated by the Democratic Party. That’s actually an article that would be read , reviewed by both sides , and true !! If your going to publish allegations that are baseless , I think four years by the Democrats tops 2 weeks from Trump !!"

Dave says

"The declaration of the role to declare who is president shows your utter arrogance and contempt for democracy. The only thing you bring to democracy is never ending lies."

Ian says

"Their paywall sucks. They placed even their 2020 election coverage behind the paywall. That says everything you need to know about them. They get their data from other sources free and then try to sell it with a paywall? Ridiculous. No public interest at heart - all other news organisations (even those that are normally subscription-based) provided the election coverage for free as it's a critical issue of public interest. I personally think Google should stop indexing the New York Times."

Joe says

"Polarized slanderous partisan narrow commentary crap of site thats ever existed. Now asking donations and create account to read more of their garbage editorials."

Kevin says

"Actually they don’t even deserve one star. For them not to show Tweeted and Aired 60 minutes transcripts in it entirety. Not fair to both parties. Shame on All of Us to just believe one side or the other without hearing and or this case seeing both sides. We didn’t just fall off turnip truckS or just wake up wake up from a 100 year nap. Both Democratic Party and Republicans party in history have both told long truths to get elected to office,duh. We all learned that in school government. Just very disappointed that We the USA do not have decency to seek the truth or at least try to see both sides. United we stand divided we fall. That’s what I was raised on, what were you?"

George Barnett says

"Another brain dead establishment the perfect example of communism at work brain dead ignorant asses. -0 stars not even good for bird droppings"

s alan says

"False and biased reporting. Shut them down!"

Albert Ferber says

"cancelled my subscription and noticed 4 deductions. emailed them but got no response"

Alex says

"As others have said, the customer service really is appalling. You’d think a (dying) traditional media institution like the New York Times would put some effort into retaining customers but they couldn’t care less. So first things first: tried to cancel my subscription to their crossword puzzle access about a year ago via the ‘my account’ page on their site. Turns out it never went through and they continued to charge me. Tried again recently. Guess what? Website STILL glitching and attempting to cancel via the ‘cancel my subscription’ button still doesn’t work (which seems mighty suspicious to me - you’re telling me it’s a year and probably several thousand complaints later and you still haven’t fixed this fairly basic self-service function?). When I then contacted them via customer service about cancelling and renumeration for all the extra charges due to their faulty cancellation system, they did the ol’ “are you suuuure you want to cancel?” and every time I said yes it was another “but are you REALLY sure?”. It was like a sick game of tug of war - a real time waster. Finally got it cancelled with zero renumeration. Website is still faulty. Have cancelled all my subscriptions with them now because this kind of behaviour is super suspicious, and I’m just not willing to support it."

Ryan says

"They don't let you unsubscribe unless you go through their "bot" which is utterly useless."

Jack Harris says

"What a disgrace to American media. Why report the news when you can just invent it?"

Tomas Hartvig says

"Horrible experience with customer service. Not only do you need to contact them in order to cancel there sub, which frankly is terrible on it's own. I couldn't even get in touch with anyone. Luckily I had paid with Paypal so I could cut them off there. Beware! Even though NY Times is a nice newspapper, there are plenty other that offer a MUCH better customer service."

DTSBA says

"They dropped my electronic subscription and kept billing me. Customer Care was worthless. Had to cancel my bank card. They could have figured it out but didn't care enough to try. You've been warned."

Rolf says

"About: "Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be" from Aug 29, 2020. BAD BAD BAD FAKE NEWS !!!! Some quotes: "Tests authorized by the F.D.A. provide only a yes-no answer to infection, and will identify as positive patients with low amounts of virus in their bodies." "The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus." "The most widely used diagnostic test for the new coronavirus, called a PCR test, provides a simple yes-no answer to the question of whether a patient is infected." It is incredible. The NY Times is still spreading fairy tales about the PCR test! ^^ The truth will trigger CORONAGATE! NY Times rates will break down!!! The truth according to to official and consensus science is: The PCR Test - cannot detect a virus at all (even the inventor and Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis says so) - cannot detect infection - cannot diagnose any disease - is not a diagnostic tool but an in-house test - is not approved for clinical diagnosis - cannot give a yes-no result/answer because the test does not measure binary. As the Swiss Federal Office for Disease Control (BAG / swissmedic) officially announces ("leaflet on the current COVID-19 testing"), a virus can only be detected by multiplication in cell culture. Quote, translated: "PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a NAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology) method, which uses modern molecular biology to identify nucleic acids (RNA or DNA) in vitro and then detect it with suitable detection systems. However, the detection of the nucleic acid does not give any indication of the presence of a infectious pathogen. This can only be done by virus detection and propagation in cell culture". End of quote. This means that the infection figures in the statistics are complete fraud, since all statistics are based on the PCR test! On top of that, one has to consider the false positive rate of this PCR test. In a so called low-prevalence phase like the current phase in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or even USA the error rate is min. 80%!!! That means that out of 100 positive tested persons more than 80% are in fact negative. Question the PPV rate! Don´t be stupid! People, you are all being fooled by Dr. Fauci. Even the WHO, which is financed by about 80% of the pharmaceutical industry and private sector, recommends this test as a diagnostic tool. This is scientific fraud! Get informed about the PCR test!!! A source in the USA could be "CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, Instructions for Use, Catalog # 2019-nCoVEUA-01 1000 reactions" under the section: Limitations page 37... Think about it! In Germany the test is not even officially validated and not usable in court! Nevertheless, governmental measures are justified with these results, up to massive state violence, deprivation of freedom and restriction of constitutional rights."

Alia says

"Cancelling my subscription was incredibly difficult and they simply didn't. They claim I was supposed to make another confirmation, but they never asked me to make said confirmation. I didn't know about this until today when I received another charge. Now I have to dispute the charge and it's a big hurdle because their customer service is slow. That said, making this 3 star because the paper itself is fine. Ignore the crazies here. I just want to switch to a more local news source because NY Times doesn't have much on my local area. I won't get their subscription again because I think it's morally wrong to make unsubscribing hard when subscribing is easy. But I'll keep reading their news, particularly that which is republished in my local newspaper."

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